Henriques & Henriques Malvasia 10 years (50cl Bottle)

Portugal | NV

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Deep amber in colour with a greenish tinge, this is an intense wine with aromas of nuts, honey and wood. Full-bodied and smooth, it has a complex palate of dried fruits, especially raisins, coffee and caramel. Fresh and rich with a long finish.

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The famous Portuguese island, Madeira, is the source of some of the best value and longest-lived wines in the world. Wine making on the island goes back to the ‘Age of Discovery,’ as early as the 15th century when Madeira was an important port of call between the old and new world.


Founded in 1850, Henriques & Henriques is a “Rolls-Royce” family owned Madeira producer and an institution on the Island. With over 160 years of experience producing the finest Madeiras, they marry tradition and recent technical innovation to create and nurture wines of exceptional quality.

Being the largest vineyards owners on the island of Madeira, Henriques & Henriques is able to control every aspect of the production process.

Grape Variety

100% Malvasia – also referred to as “Malmsey”.

Madeira is a fortified wine that depends upon heat and evaporation to create its unique and long lasting styles. The must is fortified to arrest fermentation to achieve the sweeter Malmsey or Bual style.

The Canteiro process is employed for all 10 and 15 year old Madeiras from Henriques & Henriques – whereby the wine is heated naturally in lofts, in old casks, over many years. This not only concentrates the wine, but creates the unique caramel and toasted character.

Food Match

Serve well chilled. A great alternative to have with cake, or a superb, alternative after dinner drink. Will also take on chocolate coffee or caramel truffles with ease!

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Food Pairing

Aperitif, Chocolate Dessert, Desserts






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