Dry Oloroso ‘Pata de Gallina’, Lustau (50cl bottle)

Spain | NV

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Dry Oloroso like this has softness and charm, but also plenty of spice and character. Lovely mahogany colour, expressive mature nose of dried fruits and toffee. Rich, bone-dry palate with nuances of raisins, nuts and a lick of caramel on the finish. Powerful and exhilarating.

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Sherry comes from Jerez in south-west Spain; vines of the Palomino grapes are located in Lustau’s Montegilillo Vineyard. The white ‘albariza’ soil – typical of Jerez – is ideal for viniculture; when the surface dries out it forms a layer which prevents moisture loss, allowing vines to establish deep roots. Furthermore, the albedo effect of the white soil concentrates solar radiation onto the grapes, which aids ripening.


An ‘Almacenista’ sherry, Almacenistas referring to the small family-owned business operations that traditionally sell their wines to the big Sherry houses. Often run as a part-time venture by local people with more typical day jobs, their wines are typically produced in tiny quantities. Such is the quality of many “producers” Lustau often negotiate to buy and bottle the Sherries separately, instead of blending into larger volumes. This one is from wealthy Jerez businessman Juan García Jarana.

Grape Variety

100% Palomino.

The wine is matured in a ‘solera’ system of progressive ages (or Criaderas), whereby Sherry bottled from the oldest cask – the ‘solera’ – is replaced by sherry from the next-oldest and so on until the youngest cask is reached, which receives the new wine. This process is to achieve consistency in the final product through the blending of multiple vintages, as new and variable sherries entering the system take on the older sherry’s characteristics. This wine is fortified after fermentation has been completed and received extensive cask aging without any flor influences

Food Match

Perfect winter aperitif but also brilliant with mushroom dishes, with nuts or nut oil (blue cheese and walnut salad for instance). Best served cool.

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Food Pairing

Aperitif, Hard & Mature Cheese, Mushrooms


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