The white wines of the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a huge region which extends along the Loire River in Central France. It is best known for its white wines, although it also produces many reds and roses. Wines from the Loire Valley are diverse, and the styles of production and types of grape alter as you follow the river, but they have certain characteristics in common: they tend to have moderate alcohol content, and a refreshing acidity which makes them perfect for pairing with food. Oak is rarely used in the production of Loire Valley wines, which means they fully express the character of their grapes, rather than of the wood used in the vinification process.
The Loire Valley is particularly renowned for its dry white wines, such as Muscadet, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc. The flavours of these wines can range from extremely aromatic and rich to very crisp and acidic. These versatile wines are ideal for serving with food and will go with a wide variety of dishes, particularly seafood, and as they are available at very affordable prices, they are a great choice for wine lovers who want to enjoy delicious wines without having to spend big money.
We currently have a beautiful selection of Loire Valley white wines for you to choose from, each one available at under £20 a bottle. With clean, fresh mineral flavours, these wines are the ideal choice if you’re planning a special meal or dinner party, or they can simply be enjoyed on their own as an aperitif.
We have a classic 2013 Muscadet produced from the Melon de Bourgogne grape, which gives it a distinctive bready flavour. For many wine lovers, a good glass of Muscadet is an essential accompaniment with seafood – particularly mussels. If you are serving Moules Mariniere, you could try adding a glass during cooking, or drink alongside the meal for a perfect pairing.
We also have a 2010 Montlouis , Clos Habert, Francois Chidane wine, which boasts a bright, fresh flavour and is a great choice for environmentally conscious wine lovers, as Francois Chidane are known for using bio-dynamic agricultural techniques in their wine production. We have only mentioned a couple of the delicious Loire Valley wines we are currently offering; please take a look at our full selection and you can find a wider range of amazing wines from this renowned region, all at fantastic prices.
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