Top 10 facts about WineTrust100

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1. We sell a small selection of just over 100 wines that have been selected by Masters of Wine to be the best of their type for the price.
2. We want to take the risk out of buying wine and believe you don’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy fantastic wines. Our pricing is very structured: 25 wines are £10 or less; 55 are £15 or less; 80 are £20 or less; 90 are £30 or less and only £10 above £30 and none over £100. These are bottle prices based on buying six or more of the same type where we give a £1 discount per bottle compared to self-mixed cases.
3. Wines are grouped by style so if you know you like a certain style you can browse wines with similar characteristics. By doing this we hope our customer will try wines that they would otherwise never have thought of.
4. We score all our wines both on quality and price using what we call a MWS (Master of Wine score on “Quality for Price”).
5. From our research we know many people want to know more about the wines they drink and we have a full page of information on each wine including a detailed description, how it is made, by whom and what food it works best with.
6. The list will formally change every month, but some wines will change between these times if they run out or move outside their optimum ‘drinking window’.
7. We only stock wines that are drinking at their best right now.
8. Each of our Masters of Wine try literally thousands of wines ever year and pre-select the very best to be submitted to the selection meetings where a consensus is reached between the three Masters of Wine as to which wines are the best and can be considered for inclusion on the list.
9. We offer free delivery permanently for all orders to UK mainland (on orders over £100) and only charge a flat £10 for deliveries to other UK and Eire locations.
10. We tend to buy wines from lesser known, small, high quality family producers, which is where we tend to find the best quality and value. These wines are unlikely to be found in supermarkets or mainstream high street wine retailers.