Rolly Gassmann is one of the region’s finest and most respected producers

The Alsace wines of Rolly-Gassmann have a unique style and wonderful varietal individuality – nothing short of small masterpieces.  The fruit is rich and balanced with a vibrant acidity to form seductive wines that melt on the palate.



Despite its relatively northern location, Alsace is the second driest and warmest region in France, after the Mediterranean. The Vosges mountains to the west act as a rain shadow; meanwhile, mountains to the east complete a bowl-like effect in which summer heat is trapped in low lying areas. This special microclimate is perfect for producing ripe healthy fruit.
This estate in Rorschwihr is the result of a marriage between Marie-Thérèse Rolly and Louis Gassmann; the combining of the two family estates resulting in 45 hectares of vineyards to their name. Both are the umpteenth generation in their respective families to produce wine, which can be traced back to the 17th century.
Gassmann Pinot Gris2010 Pinot Gris, Rolly Gassmann
Deep yellow colour, really rich and spicy nose with notes of quince. Quince also features on the palate – really concentrated and textural. There is a good lick of residual sugar, but not sweet or heavy in any regard. Lovely soft spice overlay and a moreish quality, with a long and velvety finish.  Serve with mildly spicy fish and white meat dishes – e.g. a Thai green curry. Also Thai spiced fish soup with lemongrass and coconut. Rich enough to go with a pâté starter (and toast) for a change!
£17.50 per bottle

Gewurztraminer, Rolly Gassman2013 Gewürztraminer, Rolly Gassmann
Remarkable intensity and purity – and drinks like the distilled essence (tropical fruit and soft spice) of the Gewurztraminer grape itself, but with a nice lick of sweetness.  A natural partner to lightly spiced Asian cooking – perfect with Chicken Korma for example.
£17.50 per bottle
Riesling_Rolly_Gassman2014 Riesling, Rolly Gassmann
Fine citric, zesty nose and palate – plenty of lemon and lime with a steely edge, tempered by balanced residual sugar making for an off-dry style. Lovely touch of soft spice rounds off the textural and balanced mouth feel.  Serve with any rich or oily fish dish, even if gently spiced, and especially if served with elements of lime and coriander.  Bronze medal winner – Decanter World Wine Awards 2015.
£16 per bottle