WineTrust joins London Wine Festival in Celebrating All Things Greek

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As the London Greek Wine Festival gets set to celebrate the best of Greece this weekend, WineTrust invites you to enjoy some of the country’s most acclaimed wines, regions and estates.

The cliff top village of Oia, Santorini

This stunning spot on island of Santorini is loved by tourists the world over; however, the main attractions for WineTrust lie slightly further south with the vineyards of Gaia and Argyros Estate. From the Aegean’s to the mainland, WineTrust has been amazed by the quality of the country’s wines and we are all for raising a Greek glass to its producers!
Greece is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world – where the birth of civilisation and grape fermentation went hand in hand! Yet, its wine industry has endured a tumultuous history – not least the modern era of economic crisis – and is somewhat overshadowed by its Mediterranean contemporaries. Nevertheless, it has enjoyed a resurgence in recent decades – its wines a fusion of ancient, indigenous grape varieties and cutting edge, quality-driven production techniques. Greece’s top wines are truly excellent and unique whilst its producers are steadfast in keeping an ancient tradition alive.
Therefore, we are glad to see the London Greek Wine Festival back for its second year. Held at West Handyside Canopy in Kings Cross, the event is organised by Theodore Kyriakou from nearby restaurant, “The Greek Larder” and will be hosted by award-winning wine expert and TV personality, Olly Smith.

“Greek wine-growing is a passion of mine. It is part of a tradition stretching back thousands of years, yielding unique grape varieties from the uplands of Amyndeo in the north to the glimmering southern Aegean islands.” Olly Smith

From the wine fanatic to the casual wine quaffer, it is a great opportunity to learn more about Greek wine’s ancient origins, explore its regions with guest hosts and speakers and even sample more than 130 wines along with some native cuisine.
More information on the event can be found at:
Alternatively, you can enjoy Greek wine at anytime in your own home. WineTrust have selected three leading examples of some of Greece’s most popular (and unpronounceable) varieties: Assyrtiko, Malagousia and Xinomavro, along with a gorgeous sweet wine made from an indigenous blend. WineTrust is all about celebrating quality-driven wines from all corners of the wine making world; we hope you enjoy our Greek selection as much as we do!
Greek Wine Assyrtiko, Wild Ferment, Gaia


Santorini, Greece 

Made from the superb Greek native Assyrtiko grape. The wild ferment refers to the use of natural yeast indigenous to the vineyard. Remarkably smoky, savoury notes with saline touches and a tangy, mildly citric fruit quality and gentle vanilla notes. Subtle but intriguing aromatics and lively freshness with intensity that grows and grows.  For us, the leading producer from the historic volcanic island of Santorini. Very individual – give it a go!
This wine will work with a number of different options, traditionally white fish but also other seafood, poultry and lamb. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Previous winner of the Decanter Regional Trophy for Greek White over £15


Greek Wine Malagousia, Domaine GerovassiliouMALAGOUSIA, DOMAINE GEROVASSILIOU

Macedonia, Greece

This wonderful indigenous Greek grape variety almost died out- very much brought back to life in this Domaine. A touch of Viognier here in its ripe apricot character and hints of mango and pear.
Needs a white meat or fish dish to work best – also very good if with a couscous and dried fruit accompaniment. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
“The stand out and what would turn out to be my favourite grape of the tour, was the Gerovassiliou Malagousia. Here the aromas are gentle and lightly peachy/melony and the palate, quite weighty and rich, has a steak of minerality and lovely texture.” Andrew Barrow from Spittoon



Naoussa, Greece

Greece is the word. Made from the Xinomavro grape (pronounced Ksee-noh-mah-vro, or some call the “Nebbiolo” of Greece), this superb wine from the Naoussa region is Greece’s noblest red variety. This challenges a good Barolo head on with its full body and rich, savoury, spicy dried black fruit character. Textural and individual – a real food wine!
Just perfect with a roast rib of beef and roasted vegetables with tomato. Or with any BBQ char grilled meat and veg in the summer.




Santorini, Greece

Arguably the original Vinsanto – from Greece! Truly luscious sweet wine from the island of Santorini. Bold aromas of toffee with a luxurious, liquid caramel and raisin fruit palate. Despite its richness, there is a remarkable level of acidity and vitality making for a long, moreish but above all balanced wine.
Serve with any rich and sweet puddings, especially old fashioned favourites such as sticky-toffee pudding and treacle tart. Will also work well with cheese as an alternative to port.
Silver Medal – Decanter World Wine Awards 2016


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