Light, bubbly and refreshing – the best value for money Prosecco that we could find!

A wonderful fully sparkling “Spumante” Prosecco from Veneto in Italy – perfect for summer picnics, parties and BBQs!

Vallate_Prosecco_Extra_DryProsecco Spumante Extra Dry Vallate

Prosecco was originally a still wine, then sparkling but much sweeter than it is today.  From the 1960s onwards it has simply taken off in its present style and format.  Today it is the most popular and largest selling sparkling wine in the UK and it’s easy to see why with its fruity emphasis and easy drinking style and creamy nature,  all supported by relatively lower levels of alcohol.
Vallate is the best value for money example we have tasted for a long time. This might be down to the fact that a significant proportion of the (Glera) grapes are sourced from the Conegliano region which is acknowledged as the premier viticultural area in Veneto for Prosecco.
Double fermented in stainless steel tanks (for up to 18 days) it is held under pressure so that the naturally produced Carbon Dioxide gas (CO₂) dissolves into the wine – hence the fizz. Wonderful storm of bubbles and delicate lemony and cream soda palate.
Extra Dry paradoxically means there is a little residual sugar in the wine to soften and broaden the palate.
Serve chilled.  It will work with any mixed plates of canapés, nibbles, light salads and general picnic fare as well as BBQs – or as an aperitif.
  £9.95 each

Nick Adams MW