The latest hidden gem discovered by The Liberator

 ” We’re very excited to introduce the new Episode from The Liberator, a 100% Pinot Noir wine discovered by MW Richard Kelley and his intrepid Cape Crusader, Rick.”

2013 The Liberator Episode 10 – Midnight at the Lost an FoundOver the past 20 years, Richard Kelley MW has become one of the most respected authorities in South African wine. Between 1995 and 2002, he lived and worked in the Cape, witnessing the renaissance of the post-apartheid wine industry. Throughout this time, he established a healthy rapport with the great and the good of the local wine scene, affording him access to their distinguished cellars. Along the way he started to discover small parcels of wine, which were forgotten, abandoned or simply undiscovered. It is now his mission to seek out these rare wines and make available to us lucky lot.
The current release comes from Lemberg in Tulbagh and was made in 2013 – the year Rick visited David Sadie, who was making his own David wines in the cellar there. Sitting in the corner of the cellar was this unlabelled Pinot Noir that had been gathering dust for the last two seasons. Rick just had to taste it…
This is a light, fragrant and slightly savoury Pinot that would fool many an expert that it originated in the northern hemisphere.
Ideal with any lamb dish – roasted, or casseroled or even lightly spiced in a Middle Eastern style.
  £13.95 per bottle