Summer Red wine

Enjoying a Glass of Red With Some September Sunshine

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Summer Red BBQ
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Autumn is around the corner, so red wine may be on your mind. But let’s not give up on summer just yet! 
September is now upon us, but there’s still some sun and warmth to be had (we say under dark, overcast skies) and of course some great seasonal wines to be enjoyed. But as the red of the thermometer rises, red wine might not spring to mind. Think again!
In fact, a glass of red can be a very suitable and delicious accompaniment to a barbecue, picnic, garden party – whatever the time and place. See our suggestions below!
Summer wines are all about refreshment, tempering those hot and humid conditions. Of course one should be cautious when venturing towards the heavier end of the spectrum, as they may taste overly rich and heavy, but that is by no means always the case.
Summer red picnic
© Telegraph. Who said red wines and picnics was a bad idea?

Here at WineTrust we want to reassure you; there is method in the madness! Under the right conditions red wine can be an absolute treat in making the most of the remaining season. Following a few simple steps will allow you to get to the most out of the reds you love.

  • Temperature: perhaps of number one importance! The wine will markedly take on a refreshing feel, savour how bright and clean the wine feels and tastes. And this doesn’t require a mammoth effort, simply 20 minutes in the fridge, cool bag or freezer box will work wonders.
  • Oak: one to avoid, generally speaking. In chilling the wine, it would be counterintuitive to serve big, oaky reds as all that wonderful complexity will be tempered by the coolness – serving to amplify the wood. However, it is not completely beyond the realms of possibility; you are looking for light, fruity, refreshing styles, which can be achieved in very lightly oaked reds.
  • Body: in a similar vein, big bold flavours and coolness will conflict. Fuller-bodied wines have that richness you are trying to avoid; something light and delicate is ideal for the warmer conditions. Try our light and medium bodied reds.
  • Tannin: medium at the most. High tannin wines are too powerful to be enjoyed in these circumstances, and cooling will only exaggerate those tannins. Similar to body, find something lighter and easier on the palette.
  • Alcohol: its affects are amplified in warmer weather, but repressed when cooled!

Summer red garden party
© Hartley Botanic. Throwing a garden party? Try some red on guests!

Some Recommendations…
With that in mind, here is a sample of summer reds from WineTrust that are perfect to serve this time of year.
Summer red: Lambrusco Rosso Reggiano Concerto, Medici Ermete
Lambrusco Rosso Reggiano Concerto, Medici Ermete
Now for something different! A traditional red – sparkling – wine of Bologna and Modena, this is gentle, lively and flavourful. Packed with berry fruits, this is light bodied with a touch of tannin.
A wonderful alternative, try with Italian pasta dishes or push the boat out as an aperitif.
£11.95, 11.5% abv.
Calbuco MerlotSummer reds: Calbuco Merlot
Something from the new world, this wine represents great value. Light bodied, soft tannins, smooth and fruity – this wine should fit the bill.
Enjoy on its own or with food, try when the BBQ’s out.
£8.95, 12.5% abv.
Summer red: Les Volcans, Côtes d’Auvergne Gamay Pinot Noir, Caves St. VernyLes Volcans, Côtes d’Auvergne Gamay Pinot Noir, Caves St. Verny
A recent addition to the WineTrust selection, this red would be perfect stocked up for the remaining summer.
Juicy with berry fruit flavours, this wine is soft and light in body. Ideal with lightly cured meat or a summer salad (we suggested with seared tuna).
£9.50, 13% abv.
Cavalchina BardolinoSummer red: Cavalchina Bardolino
This versatile Italian red can work with a number of meals, not limited to grilled tuna, BBQ sausages or perhaps lighter antipasti and nibbles.
Light bodied with cherry aromatics and a pleasant spicy character.
£10.95, 12% abv.
Summer red: Château Musar Jeune RougeChâteau Musar Jeune Rouge
Perhaps something more exotic? Sourced from the sometimes scorching Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, this is a red than can stand up to a little summer heat. Produced by the eminent Château Musar, this is part of their lighter range.
Best served with cured meats, soft spiced meat dishes and of course native, Middle Eastern cuisine. Higher alcohol, but is well suited to drinking at this time of year.
£11.95, 14% abv.
St. Laurent Dorflagen, PittnauerSummer red: St. Laurent Dorflagen, Pittnauer
Austrian reds are often a great answer to summer reds. Made from the country’s start grape, St. Laurent, this wine is medium bodied with low tannins.
Would work wonders with a mixed BBQ Grill, perfect for a family meal or entertaining friends.
£16.00, 12% abv.
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