Il Pumo, Sauvignon Malvasia, Cantine San Marzano, Puglia, Italy

Time honoured traditions, passion and sensibility and contemporary techniques come together to produce wines with distinctive varietal and regional character


2015 Il Pumo, Sauvignon Malvasia, Cantine San Marzano, Puglia, Italy
Cantine San Marzano was founded in 1962 when 19 long established families came together to pool their resources and expertise. Since then members have grown to over 1200 and the focus remains solidly on quality aligned to authenticity – promoting both the individuality of local grapes and regions. Under the stewardship of winemaker Caterina Bellanova their wines are now broadly acknowledged as some of the finest in the region – duly receiving multiple awards at international competitions.
The vineyard sits at approximately 100 metres above sea level and benefits from great diurnal temperature variations, which are ideal for promoting an extended ripening period for the vines and concentrating the flavours in the berries. The vines are grown in soft soils, that are thin with a fine texture and good drainage. The harvest takes place during the second and third weeks of August.
Excellent with starters and fish soup, fresh cheese and pasta with light sauces.
  £8.50 per bottle