Find out why New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is so highly regarded

Many wine enthusiasts consider New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to be the best in the world. This New World wine has set a global benchmark for taste and quality, with demand increasing every year. The country has only been producing it since the 1970s, but for many wine lovers, it even outshines the Sauvignon Blanc which has been produced in France’s Loire Valley for hundreds of years.
Marlborough, located in the north east of the South Island, is the most important wine producing region of New Zealand. The region enjoys hot, sunny days and cool nights, resulting in a longer ripening period and more complex flavours; this location offers the perfect conditions for growing Sauvignon Blanc grapes, resulting in distinctive and vibrant wines which are much loved by wine fans all over the world.
Due to the long grape ripening period, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has intense fruit flavours and high acidity. It can incorporate a diverse range of zesty and refreshing notes, including passionfruit, red pepper, grass, lime and gooseberry. We have a selection of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines for our members to choose from, each one with its own unique characteristics.
We highly recommend the 2014 Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc  , which is a true expression of the excellence of Marlborough wine. With a particularly warm spring, this was a great year for wine production in the region, and its pure, lively flavour is sure to leave you wanting more. We also have two 2013 wines from the Lawson’s Dry Hills estate, each of which boast the classic fruity, zesty Sauvignon Blanc flavours combined with more unexpected notes such as chervil and asparagus.
When you choose one of these New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines, you will find it easy to understand just why it is so highly regarded by wine enthusiasts from all over the world. With outstanding prices, we give you the chance to enjoy top quality wine without the huge price tag.
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