Explore the flavours of Sicilian wines

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Sicilian wines
Beautiful wines from an equally beautiful island

Sicily has a long history of producing wine, but it is only relatively recently that its products have made a big impression on the global scene. Traditionally the grapes grown on vines on the island were used in Northern Italy and France or to make simple local wines. Nowadays, there is more focus on producing high quality wines for export that showcase the unique character and flavour of Sicilian grapes.
Wine production in Sicily has flourished since 800 BC when it was brought to the island by the Greeks. This means it pre-dates some of the more famous wine producing regions including those in France and many other parts of Italy. With this in mind they are considered by many to be the “oldest newcomer” to the market.
Sicily has a unique advantage when it comes to growing grapes and producing fantastic wines. Throughout its history the island has been inhabited and colonised by various different cultures including the Greeks, Byzantines and Arabs. All of these civilisations introduced different grapes and contributed to the range of varieties grown in the region. The warm climate and lush soil also offer many advantages for grape cultivation.
There are several different classifications of Sicilian wine to consider, from Vino Da Tavola, which is everyday table wine, to Vino a Denominazione di Origine Controllata, which is made in specific regions of Sicily with strict safeguards in place to protect the production standards, including rules on what grapes can be used.
We are proud to stock three amazing Sicilian wines and give our members the chance to sample them at very affordable prices. The 2013 Canicatti Nero D’Avola La Ferla is from near Canicatti, close to the Southern coast of Sicily. It is made from the island’s finest red grapes and has a beautiful fruity flavour, filled with notes of raspberry and black cherry.
The 2013 Zibbibo, Gibele is made by one of Sicily’s most important wine producers, Pellegrino. Selected grapes are chosen, soft pressed and fermented using modern techniques to maintain freshness and taste. The wine is filled with zest and also has uniquely distinctive notes of rose and Turkish delight.
If you want something extra special, the 2012 Il Passo Nerello Mascalese, Vignetti Zabu could be perfect for you. It is made using a unique blend of two of the best grapes grown in Sicily, giving it a rich flavour filled with bright fruit notes and an edge of chocolate. This is beloved around the world for the fact that such a new producer can offer such an incredible wine.
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