Enjoy the rich flavours of New World Merlot

We are excited to bring our customers a delicious selection of New World Merlot at very affordable prices. New World wines refer to those produced in countries which are relatively new to wine production and make use of modern technology in the winemaking process, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile. The term Old World usually refers to wines made in Europe, based on historic winemaking techniques which have been passed down through many generations. However, many New World wines are incorporating historic winemaking methods into their production, blurring the lines between the two and resulting in some interesting and exciting new wines.
The main difference between New World and Old World Merlot is the way the grapes are harvested; in New World production they tend to be harvested later on when they are riper, resulting in fuller-flavoured, more alcoholic wines with stronger fruit notes. When it comes to New World Merlot, you have a few options to choose from in our online store.
We have a beautiful 2009 Eagle’s Nest Merlot, which originates from the Constantia estate in South Africa and has only been in production since the year 2000. With deep, fruity notes and hints of vanilla and dark chocolate, this is a powerful and indulgent wine which goes down smoothly thanks to its perfectly balanced flavours.
eagle nest
We also have a stunning 2013 Calbuco Merlot from Chile. Grown in the Central Valley, the grapes used in the production of this Merlot enjoyed the benefits of strong sunlight combined with cool breezes, resulting in a soft, light and smooth wine which combines fresh, fruity flavours with a hint of spice.
All our wines are selected for their superior quality and excellent value for money, and our New World Merlot is no exception. When you choose one of these beautiful wines, you will enjoy the characteristic full, rich flavours of Merlot without having to spend a fortune. Take a look at our full selection of Merlot and we are confident you will be able to find the perfect bottle.