British men don’t have what it takes to select wine…

Johnv-2600-05 lrAlmost half of men admit they don’t have what it takes to select a good wine, according to a new UK study.
The YouGov survey was carried out on behalf of WineTrust100, a new online wine business launched by one of the UK’s leading Masters of Wine (MW), and John Valentine, an ex-Tesco retailer. With the strapline ‘Three Masters of Wine, 100 Incredible Wines’, WineTrust100 is a retail website stocking 100 of the best wines for their price, from all over the world. The wines are selected by a select group of passionate Masters of Wine – including Nick Adams MW.
The YouGov survey found 42 per cent of males wanted advice on making a better choice of wine to bring home or to order when eating out.
Females, meanwhile, play it safe when buying, with 52 per cent saying they stick to just one or two brands or types with which they are familiar, rather than experiment with new wine.
John Valentine, founder of WineTrust100 said: “People are often very conservative when it comes to buying wine. Even regular consumers will find one type that they like and don’t venture beyond it for fear of buying something that is not good or they don’t like.
“The retail experience they’ve had until now hasn’t helped. On the whole, consumers find buying wine very hit and miss, and often see no real correlation between price and quality; it makes them less likely to experiment.
“Our wines are selected by qualified and very experienced MWs as being the best example of their type compared to the price. We try literally thousands of wines every year, so we are able to pre-select the very best examples of different styles for inclusion on this list. So WineTrust100 eliminates the risk that consumers perceive – and indeed take – when they buy.”