An absolutely delicious Amarone, a winning food-match if you are planning a Burns Night Supper!

             25 January – Burns Night!

Amarone is simply the best wine around to partner the classic Haggis –
heart-warming and feisty, its creamy richness blends effortlessly with the “beastie’s” savoury, spicy flavours.

Corte Giara Amarone di Valpolicella

2010 Corte Giara Amarone Di Valpolicella

Dry, soft and rich and very savoury!  The palate has bundles of red and black cherry with a creamy, mildly jammy fruit complexity.  Subtle notes of herbs and spice intermingle – even a hint of dark chocolate as well as a long, rich and supple finish.  There is a feisty note to this wine.
And, it is just a magical match with Haggis, neeps and tatties!  And don’t forget you can get vegetarian Haggis, which works just as well.
Tips for a great Burns Supper
Music – traditional bagpipe music, if you don’t want to hire a piper for the night a CD will do just as well!
Speakers – a Toast Master formally welcomes the guests and announces each stage of the proceedings, you could do this yourself!  Also you will need to choose readers to recite Burns’ poetry – traditionally the ‘Selkirk Grace’ prayer is read before the meal.
Haggis – music starts up and guests stand as the haggis is brought to the table, the ‘Address to a Haggis’ is recited and the haggis is cut and then a toast is made.
Supper – traditionally this is Cock-a-leekie soup followed by Haggis, neeps and tatties and Cranachan for desert.
Finale – all sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’
This wine also goes really well with the classic Venison casserole (even with chocolate in the sauce) also mature white cheeses.  Or, you could simply enjoy as an after dinner drink by a roaring fire and with a good film!
I hope you have a great evening, whatever you do!
Nick Adams MW

£25 each