Ayala Brut Millésimé

2006 Ayala Brut Millésimé: An exquisite Champagne, fit for a Prince!

“A delightful Champagne, fresh and harmonious, offering peach, lemon cake, tobacco and toast notes. It’s vibrant and elegant, with a lingering, chalky finish.” Bruce Sanderson, The Wine Spectator

Ayala Brut Millésimé
Ayala Brut Millésimé

2006 Ayala Brut Millésimé, Champagne, France (with gift box)

Ayala was one of the original eighteen “Grandes Marques’ Champagne houses and has a unique history. It dates back to 1860 when Edmond de Ayala received the magnificent Château as the dowry for his wedding. Edmond’s brother Fernand then settled in London in order to build sales. He became a close friend of the Prince of Wales, who enjoyed Champagne but found it too sweet. So Ayala released its special “drier”1865 vintage especially for the Prince, thus creating the modern era of “dry Champagne.”
Situated in the heart of the Marne district of Champagne, in the famous Grand Cru village of Aÿ. Ayala was acquired by near neighbour Bollinger in 2005, whose investments in the vineyards and winery are now bearing fruit in the Champagnes of Ayala, confirming their place as one of the leading producers today. Aÿ is the capital of Pinot Noir and this noble grape is always central, thus ensuring the wine‘s vinosity.
Millésimé compliments a variety of dishes such as chicken, game birds, grilled fish and particularly hard cheeses such as Comté and Parmesan.
  £50 per bottle